We Are United for Quality Care

We unite together to form our union because we are what makes Asante a great place for patient care. We unite together to form our union because we want to feel proud and valued at Asante again. Morale has crumbled in recent years as Asante has lost its way. It’s time for us all to proudly stand up and make Asante the best place to work and receive care with a voice that deserves to be heard. We can’t wait for Asante to deliver. We need to rally together to make sure they do what’s right.

That is why we are uniting for:

SAFE STAFFING – Our jobs are demanding with overwhelming workloads, more sick patients, and not enough staff, which can impact the quality care we work hard to provide for our patients.

FAIR PAY – We are united for wages that keep up with rising costs of rent, food, and gas, and together will advocate for wages that are fair and reward our years of service to Asante.

HEALTHCARE – With the costs of our health care skyrocketing, Asante needs to make sure our health care stays affordable and accessible to all Asante workers.

RESPECT & VOICE – Each one of us is important to taking care of patients. We will use our voice to build a culture of respect for all, no matter the department we’re in or the job we do. We will use our united voice to make Asante a better place to work and get care.


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If you have any questions, please contact Josh Springer at: 503-360-5062 or [email protected]