We Are United for Quality Care

Our mission at Providence is to provide compassionate care to our patients. But more and more the Providence administration seems to put money before our mission. We know Providence can do better for our patients!

We are organizing a union so we have a strong voice to ensure that our hospital provides the high-quality care every patient deserves. We are united for:

SAFER STAFFING – Workloads in many units are overwhelming and impacting patient care. Together, we’re uniting for staffing that is safer for patients and workers.

RESPECT – As Providence has grown more corporate, the administration has repeatedly broken their promise to “respect the inherent dignity and worth of every individual.” By forming our union, we’re rebuilding a culture of real respect for all.

FAIR PAY – We work hard but aren’t rewarded for our commitment to care. We’re standing up for pay that keeps up with the rapidly rising cost of living in Portland.


  • Your right to sign this card is protected by state and federal law.

If you have any questions, please contact Josh Springer at: 503-360-5062 or joshs@seiu49.org